IQAC(Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

Quality enhancement is a continuous process in an institution. IQAC is a significant administrative body that is responsible for all quality matters of the college.

Thus, the roll of IQAC is to maintain quality standards in teaching learning and evaluation

IQAC Report 2022-2023 of ELIMS College of Arts and Science College

In our college last year related to IQAC very good activities were done. These activities are designed based on the progress of the subjects in the most beneficial way for the children.

On the occasion of 25.06.2022 conducted an innovation program under the leadership of REDTEAM Hacker Academy based on the theme ‘An Initiative for Cyber ​​Champions’. The program helped to discover new forms of technology which is growing and developing day by day and to gain authentic knowledge about the field of “hacking”.

On the occasion of 16.09.22 conducted the admission ceremony of undergraduate and postgraduate students of our college. An orientation class was conducted under the chairmanship of IQAC for the concerned patrons.Dr. Radhakrishnan discussed in detail about the parenting methods of the new era and the learning truths of the children.

On the occasion of 19.09.2022 and 20.2.22 was conducted an orientation class for the beginners of the academic year under the leadership of IQAC.Various learning styles and learning problems faced by children were explained.

On 02.11.22 organized a seminar for students on Balasauharda Panchayat under the leadership of Elims Iqac and Madakkathra Panchayat. The class was led by the team from Kila.

On 10.11.22 conducted an awareness class on Aadhaar linking under the leadership of Iqac. The same was organized with the cooperation of Kurichikkara Village Office.